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I used two lemons to cast my spells, one especially for Biatch and one especially for Jerkface. I'll try update this site everyday or when something happens to either of them.

Day 1:


The lemons were prepared today. So far they look pretty fresh and to my knowledge nothing has happened to Biatch or Jerkface. I suppose that's normal considering I just cast the spells.

Day 2:


The lemons are still fresh. Pretty much the same as usual.

Day 6:


The lemons have rotted just a tad. They have gotten a little dried up and one has gotten a big black spot over it where I inserted one of the needles.

Jerkface called me up and we got in quite a heated argument. There were some insults thrown back and forth. He told me that I knew where he lived and I could come down to his house anytime to start stuff with him. I asked him why doesn't he just come down to my house because he knows where I live. Jerkface said he would. Well, I just called his house and his mommy answered the phone and told me he was in bed. Looks like he can't go anywhere after the bedtime mommy and daddy set for him. Biatch was on the phone listening to this conversation the whole time, just throwing little irritating comments here and now.

Day 8


I sent Jerkface a voice message via e-mail a couple of days ago and his parents came over today demanding an apology. Well, I was out of town so I didn't have to deal with him or his parents, but I wouldn't have apologized anyways.

Day 32


Day 32 and still nothing has happened. This spell is beginning to sound like a huge crock.

Day 240


Boy did I let things slide a bit. Here's a brief summary of what has happened during the elapsed ] time :

Jerkface was at a concert one night where he was thrown across the floor and landed on the ground. People crowded around him to stare while he lied there in pain and suffering. Quite funny if you ask me, looks like the spell worked on him.

One night in the summer drove up to Biatch's house to leave the months old rotted lemon on her mailbox in the middle of the night. When I came home I opened up the other lemon that I had left and discovered that I had accidently put Jerkface's lemon on her mailbox instead of hers. Whether or not Biatch has been affected by the spell remains to still be seen.


I finally decided to leave Biatch's lemon on top of her mailbox today. Hopefully something will happen to her. I've let things slide a long time. I will post more results as they happen and pictures when I get them developed.

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