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Have you ever been wronged by anyone? Is there that someone in your life that you just hate and wish something bad will happen to them? A teacher? An ex-boyfriend or an ex-girlfriend? Your parents?

Well, very recently I tried casting a spell an online friend sent me on two people I really hate with a passion and would want to see dead. Let's call them Biatch and Jerkface. Well, whether or not the spell actually works or not remains to be seen, but I will post the results of the spell on a day by day basis on this page.

Special to thanks to Nicole Abbatemarco for the spell, she rules!

First of all, here's what needed to cast the spell:

  • A lemon

  • A piece of paper and something to write with

  • Needles

Ok, the first step is to take the lemon and cut a slit in it. Make sure the lemon is somewhat fresh as well. Then think of someone you really hate that has wronged you in one way or another. Take the piece of paper and write out three times what you want to happen to this person. Don't wish for anything too bad or else something bad might happen back to you. Fold up the piece of paper and stick it in the slit you created on the lemon. Then take the needles and stick them in the lemon. A needle for every bad thing you want to happen to this particular person. Keep the lemon in your home and check up on it every so often. Keep it until it rots. When the lemon has rotted then what you wished for has supposedly happened already. One unneccessary step that you can do is take this rotted lemon and throw it on the property of whom you cast your spell on. You don't need to do this, but I guess it adds a bit of shock value to the spell.

Whether this works for me remains to be seen. When Nicole cast her spell the victim's house ended up burning down. Hopefully Biatch and Jerkface will experience something simular to that.

If anyone reading this casts this spell and gets results e-mail me at and tell me about it.


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