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Who is The Rock?

Well, for you people who don't know who The Rock is let me just tell you. The Rock is the best damn wrestler in the world. No one can touch him, not even Stone Cold Steve Austin. He's a third generation World Wrestling Federation Superstar. From the minute he was born his purpose in life was to be the best wrestler in the WWF. Not only is The Rock in perfect physical condition, he is an excellent speaker which help put him where he is today.


Rocky Maivia "The Rock"

Born May 2nd
Wrestling Name Rocky Maivia
Real Name Dwayne Johnson
Height 6'4"
Weight 272 pounds
From Honolulu, HI
Age unknown
Astrological Sign Taurus
Famous Saying "Know Your Role...Shut Your Mouth"

This is all the information I have about The Rock. If anyone can provide his birthyear please e-mail me at .

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