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This part of my website is where I ramble on about something, anything that just happens to be on my mind. Ramblings will be updated every few days of so if possible, so check back every once in a while.



It's been a while since I've said anything here so I guess I should. I really ] hate the police. All they are good for is eating donuts and giving out tickets. I personally don't feel sorry for them when gangster rappers talk about shooting cops in their lyrics. They're pigs and the only thing they do is intimidate.

Also, I'd like to mention that I had a little puke rock jerk-hole sign my guestbook insulting me the best way he could. I deleted his entry because he's just a loser and there's no way I'm going to give him a forum on my website.


Sorry for the current lack of ramblings! And one more thing, don't mess with Kim when she's on the phone!


Biatch and Jerkface found out about my Lemon Spell page. Oh me oh my. Anyways, why don't ya'll check out my alternate homepage which is hosted on the Fullerton Junior College Web server. Click here to see it.

And one other thing....

Record 57
Name: shota ba bota
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: california
Time: 2000-04-23 21:09:19
Comments: the bands that you should like: turmoil, today is the day, papa roach, taproot,
deftones, earthtone9. the bands that you should dislike: KID ROCK CUZ HE SUCKS ASS!

Whoever just posted this in my guestbook I have to say is a complete idiot. As if I should like any of those bands because he likes them. He doesn't exactly have super great taste in music. Most of them you probably never ever heard of. This guy probably thinks he's really cool and stuff. By the way, I'd like to point out his extremely crappy taste in music as well (with the exception of the Deftones).


I must say, Fullerton is the dope s**t.


Nine Inch Nails floor tickets are not to be taken for granted.


Wow, one update right after the other. I casted a spell today, and I think I might make a new section on the site with the results and everything. So keep checking back at the site. And how about this year's Ozzfest? Pantera is going to be opening up for Ozzy. Sounds like a white trash festival to me!


Happy new millenium. I would just like to say that Ana is not sexy, she's a ho and a biyatch. Anywas, check out my debut single Drugs, Strange, Evil.


I fixed the movie gallery because those fools at Tripod changed their format. E-mail me if it doesn't work for you.


Ana's the sexiest! Way sexier than Baby Spice! 10 Stars!


Hey everyone. I just joined the Powerman 5000 street team. I love Powerman 5000, they've been one of my favorite bands for a while now. I had the pleasure of getting almost all the members to sign a picture of them for me. Go get their new album "Tonight the Stars Revolt" featuring the single "When Worlds Collide". Check out too! And while you're at it, check out Mega Kung Fu Radio!


I'm thinking about making a special section on my page especially for Traci Lords, send me your feedback at


I have a toll free voice mail account now, if anyone wants to send me a voicemail e-mail my account at for the information.

9/6/99 Official Purity Test


I met a god today. And his name was Amir Derakh.


Working and paying for college sucks!

7/30/99 Official Purity Test


Hey ya'll. It looks like I'm not getting that job after all. It's alright though, I didn't want to work there anyways. I can barely understand what the person who watches over me says because she can barely speak english. Not only that, but they have me do some crazy stuff like go next door to Walden's to buy a pack of Pokemon cards just so they can sell them at their store for a higher price! Anyways, the place will probably close down in a matter of months, if not then weeks.


I start a new job today, wish me luck!


My new word : cross-subjecting. It's when you compare someone to the qualities of something else then say something that totally applies to the object being compared to but not the person you're comparing it too. For example, I'll say "My father is as mad as a bull with rabies." Then I'd say "But you can get a bull neutered." That's where the cross-subjecting comes in.


I'm on the look for a job! Oh no, I actually have to work for money now! That sucks, why can't we all just live in trees? Anyways, look who's on the cover of Tweeker magazine. Click here to see it.


Hey ya'll. I'm out of school now and I don't have to deal with those jerks from Esperanza. Hopefully I'll be spending alot of time out of Yorba Linda because everyone from Yorba Linda sucks. If you're from Yorba Linda....GO TO HELL!


Hi everyone, sorry I haven't added a rambling in a while. I would just like everyone to know that Owen Hart will be greatly missed. He was a spectacular wrestler and my condolensces go out to the entire Hart family.


What up. Chek out my Atari Teenage Riot logo that I made. Click here to see it. I just got done listening to 60 Second Wipe Out. It's not like their other stuff, it's alright, I just miss those really fast bass beats, but oh well. Too much punk sampling too. Still a good group though and check them out live because they're the best live. Check out my good friend Douglas' page at . This dude it dope, we used to do crazy sh*t every lunch at my old school. Then he moved to Texas. YEHAW!


Behold me fools!!! Click here.


For anyone who gives a damn, my feelings on the Colorado shooting. Click here to read it. Also, I was messing around in Photoshop 5.0 again because I didn't have anything else better to do. This is what I did, it's pretty stupid, some picture I got off the Alternative Press website. I cut out my friend's head and put it in the picture too. Enjoy. Click here to view.


Happy 420 everyone!!! I hope everyone got nice and blunted! Lampcow is the best industrial band in the world! Lampcow forever!!! Hey kids, check out my anti-crack campaign picture! Click here to see it!


Idiots shouldn't sign my guestbook three times in a row. Cough, Cough, (shota)....Cough.


Quack quack quack!!!!!!! Check out the picture I altered....quack! Click here.


No rambling for you today!