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News here at Sinsation's Domain in the WWW


I've applied for a webring for my Thrill Kill Kult site! Yay if we get accepted!


Well, I've actually been adding stuff to my website. I added a "Predictions for the Future" section and an "Almost Daily Ramblings Page".


I added my Natal Chart to my website.


Added the Sinsation's Movie Gallery to the website.


I added a section just for my favorite wrestler. If you think that's retarded then don't go there.


I added a new picture in the gallery for those of you who don't know. I'll yet be taking more photos and scanning them hopefully in the near future.


Well, it's about 4:00 am and I've just about finished creating a photo gallery from pictures I scanned the day before. Please, check it out!


I added my Thrill Kill Kult site to a "Synth" webring dealing with techno, industrial or just about anything to do with music created electionically.


Expect to see some new pictures in a while. I have them developed but not scanned. There's about two weeks in a half left for me until I trade in the San Fernando Valley for that of Orange County, so expect the information in the "Who Am I?" section to change in a while.


I've just recently signed up with The World's Top 1000 Web Sites to see how my page ranks with other personal homepages. However, later on if I feel the little icon that is manditory for me to put up is tacky I will remove it, therefore withdrawing my page from The World's Top 1000 Web Sites. How do you feel about the icon? Give me some feedback at


I've just added a Site Reviews section and a KROQ sucks section to the website, don't expect anything new to come around for at least a week. Building websites is pretty tedious and with my schoolwork in the way I won't have any time for it.


Added "Goodbye" section. I'll be leaving for Orange County in just about a month and a half.


Okay, I fixed the problem with all the Real Audio files on the board. At least I hope I did. The files are stored at The Globe, which is a new online service simular to Geocities but not as junky. Also, there's a new mailing list for the board!!! Sign up right away, I need some people on it so I can test it out. I also updated the "Who Am I?" section of the WWW site.


My WWW site is finally available for the public to see haven't finished alot of it since I began working on it in the summer. The My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult page is finished, I will NOT update because I am losing interest in keeping up the website. Also, I registered my WWW site with some of the major search engines such as Yahoo, Excite and Hotbot. Also, I added some MIDI to the main page, if you're smart you'll know where the music is from.