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For those people who I have known during my life in the San Fernando Valley now is the time I have to say goodbye. My mother will soon be moving us to her boyfriend's house in the city of Yorba Linda in Orange County, a city where you can't drive ten miles without at least passing a church or two. It's been fun, especially the summer and the school year. I've especially enjoyed the parties I went to as well as the people I've met during my time here.

I'll be leaving my school Taft High in Woodland Hills to go spend my senior year at Esperanza High, a school just minutes away from where I'll be moving at and a school that holds the #2 posistion in best high schools in the nation.

I knew something like this was going to happen before I found out I was to move to Orange County because I just felt too comfortable, happy, and settled in during the beginning of my 11th grade year to know I was going to graduate from the same school and stay as comfortable as I have ever been in my life. My life just seems to follow this type of pattern, so I know whenever I'm just too comfortable where I'm at during a certain point in life that life will just change drastically.

I'm going to miss the friends I've met here. I've had alot of fun and I'm going to hate being miles away from the majority of my friends. Hopefully I'll still know half of them in a year, but I feel chances of that are slim. Distance and time just seems to do that to friendships. Oh well, I'll just have to wait to find out.

Just the idea of moving to a place like Orange County frightens me. What are the people like? What music are they into? Are they snobby? Are they conservative? Are they open minded? Are they interesting? Do they get into trouble? Are they totally obedient to their parents? Is my school going to be worse than Village Christain Schools in Sunland? Questions like these are driving me literally insane, and the only time I'll be able to know is when I finally make the move to Orange County. I've seen the front of the school of Esperanza High after school hours and the people, in my opinion, don't look that interesting to get to know, but I can't make any judgements about that until later now can I?

On the brighter side, Yorba Linda is a very nice and clean place. The schools isn't probably filled with all these dumb OG type people and people who are shipped in from South Central Los Angeles. People in a LA County schools know what I'm talking about. Also the house I'll be living in is pretty nice too. The nearest mall, the Brea Mall is pretty large and has a Hot Topic in it, which I find strange since this is Orange County. So hopefully life won't be too bad over there. As a matter of fact, I'm not afraid of it being bad, I'm afraid of it being dull.

So I guess I will miss the San Fernando Valley, even though I don't like it much. I've lived here most my life and I must say I've had my share of bad and good times.

So, goodbye to all the people I know here, I will miss you dearly. Good luck with your lives and may our paths cross one day.