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The devil himself. Here's a sticker that was being given out at the Whiskey a-gogo. I was lucky enough to be able to meet Rob Zombie at the Powerman 5000 and Human Waste Project show at the Whiskey-a-gogo. I even got his autograph. I would scan it, but I'm afraid that I would smudge the ink. I was also lucky enough to get Powerman 5000's autograph. This was an excellent show, Powerman 5000 was great. For a finale Rob Zombie and Spider (frontman for Powerman 5000) did "Thunderkiss '65". Check out Powerman 5000 and Rob Zombie if you can, they're good artists and pretty nice guys too.

Okay, usually I don't put pictures in here that I haven't scanned or taken myself, but I'll make an exception. This guy is dope! He's from Static-X and he's really nice. Me and my friend met him and were talking to him at the show, we asked him into our gang Wasabi Boys and he accepted! If you go to a Static-X show make sure you keep your eyes on the guitarist, it's fun to watch him jump around and go anywhere. He might even moon you!

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