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Name: Christopher Foose
Date of Birth: September 13th, 1980
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Born in the Queen of Angels Hosptial in Los Angeles I have spent all of my life living in California. At the age of 5 my parents moved from Glendale for the San Fernando Valley, an area notorious for existing as the capital of the adult entertainment industry and once home to showbusiness elites. I attended high school at Taft High School in Woodland Hills (featured in the Paramount release "The Brady Bunch") from my sophmore to junior year and finished out my senior year in the drab backwater suburban town of Yorba Linda.

After a non-eventful grueling senior year at Esperanza High School I enrolled at Fullerton College. There I attended many fascinating courses under many competent professors such as General Sociology, Sociology Marriage and Family, Political Science: American Government, and English: Critical Thinking. Aside from the courses I have taken I also had the chance to meet a few interesting people and make their friendships and acquaintances.

I possess a broad variety of musical tastes which include but are not limited to rock, industrial, metal, classical, techno and rap. A few artists I frequently listen to are Front Line Assembly, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Judas Priest, Aqua, Juno Reactor, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Ol' Dirty Bastard so on and so forth. Also alot of my time is spent learning how to play guitar on my red Fender Stratocaster.

I admire Conan O' Brien for his ingenious wit and personality. Also, for his contribution as writer for Saturday Night Live during the 1980's. Michael Crichton has my admiration for the series of books he has written and television shows and movies he has inspired. Having read his books I have not only gained entertainment through his stories but also a wealth of knowledge on many subjects. Lastly, Rob Halford has remained one of my favorite artists throughout time for his contributions to heavy metal and music in general.

Some interests of mine include Astrology, Sociology, Psychology, Politics and Music with new interests catching my attention everyday. I enjoy keeping active in learning new things and trying new experiences.